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LGBTspeak – Our Mission

LGBT is as normal like the sun rising.

Either you get it or you… still have time to get it.

Ignorance is NOT a bliss.

Remember denial or phobias are just another form of bulling.

Inequality is wrong! That’s just common sense.Colorful sunrise

You can choose not to be part of the hate, the violence, the pain or the mere denial.

Choose not to be part of the social, political or religious injustice.

Accept others for who they are not for what you want them to be.

We are a team of volunteers expressing our deep commitment to share how normal LGBT is. That’s it! Simple as that.LGBT peace love equality

If you don’t believe in LGBT, then continue reading till you understand. Keep asking questions. Find out what’s preventing you to believe. Continue asking till you get on the right path… yes, right path! … path to normalcy… path to loving everyone … path to equality. It’s the only way.

Ask yourself, why is it so painful for you to believe and stand for “equality for all”? The answer may just be within you.

At LGBTspeak, we share and provide education, various perspectives, facts, lifestyles and understanding.

Peace for all.

LGBT heart

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